What To Do When The Screens On Your Windows And Doors Needs Care

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What To Do When The Screens On Your Windows And Doors Needs Care

13 January 2022
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Working with a mobile window screen repair service is often the best way to deal with damage to multiple window screens on your home. The alternative to hiring a professional is to remove them all yourself, but that can be time-consuming and dangerous if you do not have a good ladder and the right tools to do the job.

Screen Rips and Tears

Over time, the screen material on your home's windows can begin to weaken with sun and weather damage, and small rips can develop in the screen. The best way to repair this damage is to replace the screen material with new mesh, but it needs to be done correctly or else the frame can be warped or damaged. 

Screens are available with aluminum mesh screening and nylon material offered in different sizes and color variations. The nylon is easier to work with, but the aluminum screen is often more durable and will often better stand up to the weather. 

Fixing a rip in the screen material requires the removal of the screen frame from the window. If you cant easily reach the windows, it can be challenging to get the screens down. Hiring a mobile screen window repair service solves that problem because they come to your house, remove the damaged screens, make the repairs and then reinstall them for you.

Most screen services have ladders large enough to accommodate a residential home, but if you have a screen that needs work and is higher than average, it is an excellent idea to let the servicer know so they can bring a ladder to reach it.

Repairing the Screens

Modern door and window screens use an aluminum frame with a rubber retaining strip around the outside edge. The mobile window screen repair tech will pull that rubber piece out to release the screen from the channel. If the rubber strip is weather damaged, it will be replaced when the new screen is installed. 

With the frame on a flat surface, the new screen is laid over the frame, and the screen tech will install the retaining strip with a roller tool that pushes the rubber and the screen into a channel along the edge of the frame. If the screen is pulled too tight, it can warp the frame, but if it is not tight enough, it will sag and look terrible, so it is crucial that it is installed correctly. 

Once the screen material is in place, the excess material can be trimmed off and the window or door screen put back in place on the house. If you are rescreening all the windows and doors on the home, the tech will repeat this process for each one.

If you are in need of mobile window screen repair, contact a professional near you.  

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