Protect Your Home From Invasion While On A Vacation With A New Garage Door

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Protect Your Home From Invasion While On A Vacation With A New Garage Door

29 June 2018
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Garage doors are almost impossible to get past by robbers and serve as an excellent way of keeping your home safe from invasion while you're on vacation. Unfortunately, there are rare problems that could leave your home open to invasion. Installation of a new garage door may be a wise decision in this scenario.

Malfunctions May Cause Your Garage Door To Open Randomly

There are very few instances in which your garage door will open without you pressing the button. That's because there are multiple types of safety devices installed that keep this situation from occurring. However, there is a small chance that this devices could fail and that your door would open on its own while you were on vacation.

Typically, this only occurs if somebody with a similar garage door lives near you and uses an opener that is close to the same as yours. So while it is a very rare situation and isn't likely to happen, it may impact your garage door and open it up at the worst time. If you've ever seen this problem happen before, your home has likely been open to break ins.

This problem is particularly the case if you are gone for an extended period and criminals notice. While a garage door that is open for a few hours isn't likely to open you up to robberies, one that is open for days will be noticed and may put you at an increased risk of serious robberies.

Consider Installing A New Door

If you've ever spotted your garage door opening or closing when you didn't activate it, you may want to install a new garage door. While you can get your current door repaired, the price of installing a new garage door is often very similar to the repair price. For example, the national average for installing a new garage door is just $500-800. That's not much more than the $200 or more you will spend repairing it.

It is wise to get this installation done before your vacation to get yourself used to the new door. You can also be there when they finish installing it and see how it operates. In this way, you can come home to a new garage that you know protected your home from invasion.

So if you are going on vacation soon and want to make sure your garage door is operating well, talk to residential door installation services near you. They can run a diagnostic on your door and decide if installation or repairs are right for you.

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