Barn Door Installation: The Hot New Trend and How to Get It

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Barn Door Installation: The Hot New Trend and How to Get It

31 March 2016
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Hate hinges? Do you not have enough room to swing a door wide open? Like the "little bit country" look in your home? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you will probably fall in love with the latest interior design trend of sliding barn doors. That is right—these doors are not just for barns anymore. The following information reveals what this trend is all about and how you can get barn doors installed in your home.

Sliding Barn Doors: What They Are

Typically, a rustic wooden barn door slides open and shut on a track, but interior barn doors do not operate on a typical track system. Many of these doors still have a rustic look and feel to them, but they are free-hanging and easily slide along pole hardware that is mounted above the door frame. A single pushpin track in the floor keeps these doors from swaying open and outward. Currently, virtually any door at all can be converted into a sliding barn door for any opening in your home, so the doors can be any style, color, or finish choice, but many people enjoy the look of actual barn door styles.

How to Measure for These Doors 

Most businesses that sell doors and provide door installation services now carry numerous styles of interior barn doors. Considering the fact that you do not have to fit these doors within a door frame, you do not have to measure the door frame space to purchase these doors. Instead, you have to measure the height of the room and then measure how much space you have above the current door frame.

How to Quickly and Easily Install These Doors

After measuring, you (or your door installation expert) will then look for a door that allows enough room for the hardware installation up above and the hardware that needs to be installed below in the floor. In between the floor and the space over the top of the original door frame is the maximum amount of room you have for the height of the door. As for the width of the door, it should be at least as wide as the current opening, but it can be wider if you want so long as there is enough room to slide the barn door open and still get through the opening. The track space in the floor should be cut and installed first, followed by the installation of the overhead, horizontal pole hardware. Then pop the pushpin at the bottom of your new door into the track before sliding the loops on the top of the door over the horizontal pole overhead. 

To get started with the installation of barn doors in your home, contact a company like Southern Specialty Corporation.

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