4 Home Improvement Projects Worth Investing In

Your front door gets a lot of use, so it may be time to refinish it. You can read about your options here.

4 Home Improvement Projects Worth Investing In

9 February 2016
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When making home improvements, most homeowners want to maximize their dollars by choosing projects that offer the best bang for their bucks. Choosing projects with a high rate of return can help increase home values and minimize the actual overall cost of making the improvement. If you're planning on doing home improvements soon and want the best value, consider doing the following:

Upgrade Your Front Door

Many people don't think about their front door when considering home improvements, but replacing your current front door with a new steel entry door has an excellent rate of return, which makes it a sound home improvement investment.Steel doors are very secure, so you can count on an extra level of protection when you have your new door put in. On average, you can expect to get back 101.8% of what you spend in the long run, making this a profitable project.

Install a New Garage Door

Garage doors are another thing that are often overlooked when thinking about home improvements to make. But a garage door can make a huge difference in the curb appeal of your home, so if your current garage door is old, faded, dented or damaged, installing a new garage door is sure to make a big visual impact. In addition to added visual appeal, installing a new garage door comes with an excellent rate of return, and on average you will recoup 88.4% of the total cost of replacement. When opting for new garage door installation, don't just replace the door itself-- it is also a good idea to replace all of the springs and have the tracks inspected to ensure that they are in good working order. Explore your options through a retailer like Mark May's Garage Door Store.

Get New Siding

Vinyl siding is quite durable, but after years of being exposed to the elements it can start to look old and worn which can make your house look shabby no matter how well you take care of it. Replacing siding with new vinyl siding may not be the most exciting home improvement project, but it will make your home look better and add value. When you replace the siding on your house, you will typically receive 80.7% of the project cost back.

Have a Deck Built

Extra usable outdoor space is always an asset, and a wood deck is a great place to spend time relaxing outside in your backyard. In addition to being able to enjoy the deck while you live in your house, it will add enough value to give you back 80.5% of your investment when you sell.

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